Wipe Outz Premium Dry Tattoo Towels, Pack of 10 or Singles, CHOOSE COLOR.


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These premium dry tattoo towels are STERILIZED, ready-to-use, durable, and highly absorbent. They leave no residue and won’t clog your needles during your tattoo session. WIPE OUTZ™ features special, interwoven biodegradable fibers, with a custom, textured, quilted design giving you the best ink absorption and a deep cleansing of the skin. Premium 10 Count packs are available in two color options: Black or White.

MD Wipe Outz™ made in the USA by Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries & Company.

WIPE OUTZ™ Tattoo Care Packs—Single Individually Packaged Wipes
Perfect for on-the-go tattoo care!
Soaked in our antibacterial, antimicrobial, cooling WASH formula!
Quilted Non-abrasive material
Soothing, No Sting
Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Vegan

*Recommended use is 3 Wipes for 4 Days*