Vapor Line® Steam Sterilization Type 5 Integrator Strips, Choose 100 Pack or 250 Pack.


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Propper MFG. Vapor Line Steam Sterilization Integrators. (MADE IN THE USA)
The Vapor Line integrator is a chemical indicator for monitoring the essential conditions of steam sterilization processes -saturated steam temperature, and time. Equivalent in performance The stable dark color of the integrator bar does not revert back - you can keep it as proof of correct sterilization exposureas long as you need it. Vapor Line integrator meets the requirements of ISO 11140-1:2005 as a class 5 integrating indicator. It meets the requirements ofthe new AAMI ST 79:2006 standard, which recommends the use of class 5 integrating indicators in different applications, including sterilization monitoring of non-implant sterilizer loads and implants. 100/pack