Tattoo Stencil Flash Thermal Copier Machine

Regular price $189.00

Product highlights:
 Lightweight (less than 3 lbs) and compact design
 Works Like a fax machine
 Reliable and easy operation
 Uses A4 and A5 thermal paper (letter and legal)
 Accepts any electricity 110v or 220v
 No bulbs, belts, cylinders, or heating elements

This product is made in China and has no warranty but we have been selling these for the last 3 years with no complaints from customers.

Just want to add a couple things to do from my experience of using this 1. Unplug when you are not using it to help keep it from over heating 2. Every 10 or so uses clean the rubber guide roller (use alcohol prep pad), it’ll pick up all the residue, if it collects it will make it harder for the paper to pass through. Which will end up not giving you a good stencil.