Talens BLACK Drawing Ink or Indian Ink, 490ml, 16.7oz bottle.


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Talens Drawing Ink is a unique ink used in the tattoo industry that is used for deep, dark and rich black tribal tattoos. This stuff is unique in that it is NOT ACTUALLY RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN TATTOOING. Talens is a well known brand of paint, art ink, pigments and other related supplies. Some time ago, artists experimenting with different mediums discovered Talens Drawing ink is a kickass black. Great artists that use Talens include Jun Cha, Guy Aitchinson, Hernandez and Jose Lopez. Comes in 490ml bottle (16.7 oz).

Talens Black INDIAN Ink ~ 490 ml Bottle of Black Ink Specifically Says NOT for Tattoo on the bottle. Manufactured by Royal Talens,World renowned black tattoo ink. Talens ink is the richest dark, black ink ideal for outlines and tribal designs, but also easy to dilute for gray shading work. It is one of the most popular, darkest and most requested drawing inks in the industry. Gives an attractive deep black result through a maximum pigment concentration. Can be thinned with water. Talens indian ink and drawing ink are used by master tattoo artists around the world.