SaniDerm Tattoo Healing Bandage, CHOOSE Roll Size 4", 6" 8" or 10.2" Width x 8 yds. Long


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Effective barrier against water, dirt, germs. No scabbing and reduced scarring.

Saniderm have been used by doctors and surgeons for over 30 years.

Your skin can "breathe" and get all the oxygen it needs to heal perfectly.
Wounds heal faster and better when they are kept moist and clean. That is why people put lotions and ointments on cuts and abrasions and new tattoos. The problem is that lotions and ointments dry up quickly and you have to put them on about 5-6 times a day, and your tattoo still dries up between each application. Studies have shown that wounds that are kept moist can heal twice as fast as wounds that are left dry. When a new tattoo dries up, scabs form, your skin cells become dehydrated, and cells die. This causes fading, distortion of colors and design, and longer tattoo healing time..