iPower Power Supply


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Made in Italy, the iPower is a game-changing power supply that allows you to use any iOS or Android device as an interface. The control menu, available in 8 languages, is easy-to-access and even easier to pick up and learn. Device includes password protection and full control of up to five settings for Liners and Shaders. The iPower can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth or wired through its USB port. iPower is equipped with inputs for 2 tattoo machines, as well as a foot pedal.

Bluetooth Connectivity Compatible with IOS and Android
Dual Power Outputs For 2 Tattoo Machines
Preset & Save Custom Tattoo Machine Settings
Compatible With Both Coil & Rotary Tattoo Machines
USB Port Support
Size - 4.75" (W) x 3" (D) x 0.80" (H)
Input: 20V DC 4A
Output: 4V-19V 4A
Comes with a US adapter standard 110V cord

Package Includes:
•1x iPower Tattoo Power Supply
•2x Tattoo machine connecting cables
•2x Jack adapters
•1x AC adapter with 3-pronged American plug