FK Irons Killswitch Wireless Footswitch. ***NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL POWERBOLT.***


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Product Description

***Killswitch is not compatible with the original Powerbolt***

    Powered controlled by an accelerometer sensor with no mechanical parts
    Responsive and charged LED indicators
    Anti-slip mount to keep it in place
    Internal, rechargeable battery 
    Designed to keep sanitation in mind
    Stay up-to-date with Firmware updates via iOS Darklab app
    Compatible with Powerbolt+, Lightningbolt battery packs, Airbolt and Airbolt mini power banks (not compatible with the original PowerBolt)

    Toggling your device's power during sessions just got easier with the Killswitch, FK Irons' first ever power foot switch featuring an accelerometer sensor with no mechanical parts for complete wireless control.

    You can simply turn your device ON or OFF with just a tap of the device, and its built-in anti-slip mount allows it to stay in place. This device is built with sanitation in mind, minimizing cross-contamination to keep your workplace clean - wirelessly. 

    Connect the Killswitch with the Darklab app via Bluetooth to keep your device up-to-date with the latest firmware updates.

    Tap into the future with more power thanks to the game-changing technology of the Killswitch and Powerbolt. Combined to put even more control into the palm of your hand, our bundle expands artists' capabilities that unlock more possibilities than ever before.

        Diameter x Height:
        95 mm x 20 mm
        Weight: 104g/3.6oz
        Material: TPE
        Charging Voltage: 5 V DC
        Charging Current: 0.5 A
        Ambient Temperature: +10 to +35 °C
        Relative Humidity: 30 to 75%
        Charging Port: USB-C
        Made in the USA


        The Killswitch User Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

        Download the Killswitch User Manual (PDF)