***(Temporarily Substituting NumbSkin)*** Dr Numb 30g 5% Lidocaine Cream Topical Anesthetic.


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Dr. Numb (pronounced as Doctor Numb) is a local or topical anesthetic that can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness. Dr. Numb has been in the market since 1998, and is available over the counter, which means no doctor prescription is needed to buy it or use it. Dr. Numb is voted as the #1 numbing creams by tattoo artists and cosmetic professionals around the world. MADE IN THE USA.

Dr. Numb is a NON-OILY topical anesthetic numbing cream that contains purest Lidocaine, the highest amount allowed by The Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Numb is the only water-based numbing cream on the market. Dr. Numb doesn't interfere with the ink or the skins elasticity, making it safe to reduce the GREAT PAIN of Tattooing, Body Piercing, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Permanent Cosmetics and other Minor Surgical Procedures.

Dr. Numb works by blocking the pain signal sent by the nerve endings on the skin. When applied to the affected area, a feeling of numbness follows after 20-30 seconds. The correct instruction for using Dr. Numb is listed below. Follow these instructions to have the optimum effect of numbness on the skin area where Dr. Numb is applied.

Dr. Numb is very effective in numbing the skin for preparation in any type of procedure. Dr. Numb is proven to numb the skin for more than three hours. It is easy to apply and releases the numbing effect for at least three hours.

Dr. Numb is a certified product by Health Canada - a Federal Department in Canada. Dr. Numb is also an official trademark product in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. You can be assured of our product's safety and quality.
How To apply Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream

1. Wash the area receiving laser treatment with soap and water. Dry area completely.
2. Apply a thick amount of numbing cream to the area and rub in thoroughly.
3. Place an additional, thin layer of cream over the area.
4. Cover the cream with plastic wrap (saran wrap). The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream. and keeps the cream form drying off.
5. Leave the plastic wrap on until it is removed by the professional before the procedure.

Tips & Warnings: Leave the cream on the skin longer for better result. Don't remove the saran wrap until you feel the numbing effect.