Cheyenne Flex Grip for Coil (and other) Machines

Regular price $160.00

The must-haves for tattoo artists 

Cheyenne Flex Grips connect the Cheyenne Safety Cartridge System with any Coil machine. Work safely and hygienically with these grips, which can be used with the patented Cheyenne Safety Cartridges.
The Cheyenne Flex Grip allows you to adjust the needle protrusion quickly and easily. The grips are sturdy and easy to clean, ensuring a safe, lightweight and very flexible, it is robust and resistant to wear.
  • Original design grip with needle bar
  • Ribbed outer surface, galvanized
  • Needle-depth adjustable
  • Diameter: 25.4 mm

    Does not fit with the Cheyenne Thunder Drive, Spirit Drive, or Hawk Pen. This was designed for other Tattoo Machines.