BLK RBT Tubes 1" or 1.25" Grip, 20/box for 1" and 15/box for 1.25", CHOOSE Open Mag (OM), Angled Round (AR), Regular Round (R), Closed Mag (F) & Diamond (D)


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Black Rabbit Grips

Semi Transparent Tip.
Tube is transparent for greater ink flow visibility. We increased the thickness of the stem to make it even more rigid. We invested in new mold to provide you with angled round, open mag and angled diamond.

Improved Tip Designs.

OPEN MAG: The most notable difference between open and closed MAG is the open MAG has no top plate covering the needle. You have the backing behind the needle and 2 guide rails on each side but the open top allows for greater inflow and it is easier to wipe off residual ink.

ANGLED ROUND: We cut the end of the Round Tubes (at a 45°) to make it like the Diamond  and it will give you better visibility of the needle tip and ink flow.

Package Contents:
20 Tubes/Box for the 1"

15 Tubes/Box for the 1.25"

Each Tube is individually blister packaged and EO gas sterilized

"We only sell to licensed, professional tattoo artists and studios!"