Bishop BATTERY PACKS: Choose Power Wand Batteries or RCA


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(Note:  POWER WAND BATTERIES ONLY WORK with the new Bishop Power WAND. It will NOT work with your Original Wand or any other machine.)

  • Bishop Rotary and Critical’s first ever collaboration – made specifically for the Power Wand.
  • These battery packs are made to be used with the RCA Power WAND, if you’ve purchased that machine separately.
  • Available in two sizes – the Standard, which provides up to 10 hours of tattooing time with 1500 mAh, and the Shorty, which provides up to 5 hours of tattooing time with 800mAh.
  • The batteries will work with most USB-C cords and charging bricks if you do not have the Critical Charging Dock.
  • Compatible with all Critical Connect firmware and hardware – including the Critical Connect Footswitch.
  • A note regarding the readout on these batteries: if you see the battery percentage fluctuating, the battery is calibrating to provide you with the most accurate battery life read-out and has no effect on the functionality and run time of your battery/machine.
  • Tier 1 grade battery used to make this power pack.
  • Batteries are shipped partially charged – they do not require a full charging cycle but will need to be charged upon receipt.
  • After powering on, initial battery life display will take approximately 5 seconds to calibrate to an accurate read-out.
  • You may notice the battery life adjust (increases or drops) between activation and pauses during sessions – this is because the battery calibration is reflecting the device’s current usage scenario.
  • Note the percentage difference may be more noticeable on the Shorty batteries due to the smaller battery capacity.


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