A Pound of Flesh 5.5" x 7" - Small SHIELDS & PLAQUES


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“A Pound of Flesh” synthetic tattooable hands, limbs, arms, face etc is the closest experience to tattooing real skin. One of its many applications is to help beginning tattoo artists learn tattooing techniques without having to actually practice on real people. This will hopefully cut down on the amount of poorly executed tattoos done by beginners. Other applications include a realistic surface that an experienced artist can use to practice new techniques, try out new equipment, and as a 3D portfolio to illustrate their work. Potential clients will be able to get a better idea of an artist’s ability by physically seeing their work on “skin” firsthand.

Practice new techniques, strengthen your existing skills, or create a 3D portfolio with our synthetic tattooable hand. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this silicone and rubber-based hand has the shape and curvature of a real hand to closely recreate the experience of tattooing actual skin. Eliminate the risk of practicing on real people and give potential clients the opportunity to see how your work looks on “skin” firsthand.

~7.5” (L) x 4.5” (W) x 2” (Thickness)

Key Features:
  • Available in Right or Left
  • Life-like in size and shape
  • Made with silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Apprentices and beginners can practice tattooing techniques
  • Professionals can use as a 3D portfolio or canvas to try new equipment and techniques