1 Gallon Pump Dispenser

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  • Gallon Bottle Pump Dispenser: Our dispenser is reliable, durable, and extremely easy to use. It fits perfectly on a 1 gallon bottle, making it an ideal pump for all gallon bottle needs.
  • Pumps are BPA-free plastic with stainless steel spring so you can safely use for milk, syrups, flavorings on ice and making your favorite dessert
  • Precision and Convenience: Our 1 gallon pump dispenses 1 fl. Oz. of product with each stroke, which allows you to control the amount used by each person, thus reducing waste, spills, and leaks. The Pump for Gallon Jugs is also BPA-free for more safety
  • Easy Installation: Just screw on these one gallon pump dispensers to your bottle, and it's ready to use. They fit most plastic or glass gallon containers that are 38/400 thread. as well as an easy-to-cut tube so that it will fit your half-gallon pump dispenser.
  • Leak Proof: This 1 Gallon pump is perfect to prevent leaks and spills.