***Tattoo Stencil Flash Thermal Copier Machine. Latest Version 2023

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  • Simply connect your phone, use app, the transfer process only takes tens of seconds to complete clear and smooth patterns. You can connect your phone and ipad to print.
  • Download the exclusive APP "TattooPrinter" in the App store or Google Play Store(IOS and Android), and you can connect and control the Cordless Tattoo Machine with your phone. The App "TattooPrinter" works with allows you to edit, add, adjust, and output stencil images easily. You are free to print out various tattoo images in your mobile phone album via the app control. (Exclusive APP can adjust the size and position of the pattern)
  • The thermal stencil printers are rechargeable and cordless (no power cord needed). It works for 3-4 hours once fully charged. It weighs only 0.85kg, it is very light, and is convenient to take to conventions.
  • The transfer machine works well in lines and simple shadows, but it is not suitable for complex shadow patterns, it needs to be adjusted by the tattoo artist later.②To protect machine and avoid paper jams, please do not transfer continuously, cool down after long time use.③When the transferred pattern has black lines, please open the machine cover and wipe the print head and roller gears regularly.
  •  No replacement parts and No ink are needed, just control the tattoo pattern from your phone or computer, more economical and user friendly than other traditional thermal printer tattoos.