Cheyenne Safety Cartridge **NEW** OPEN LINERS for Bold Crisp Lines. CHOOSE S, M ,L, XL or XXL. 20/box


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Open Liners, the new configuration group of Cheyenne Safety Cartridges, are specially designed for artists who need thick, rich lines. The cartridge's individual needles run parallel along their entire length.

Bold will hold

The slogan "bold will hold" is probably older than most practicing tattoo artists and we all know why. A tattoo is not something static. Numerous processes take place in the skin that age a tattoo. After going through these aging processes, your tattoos will not appear as clear, sharp, and delineated as they did immediately after being tattooed. Designs with bold, rich lines suffer less from this aging than delicate work. But what equipment do you need to create bold, rich lines? Well, sure, big liner configurations. But how do you make them?
Well, most will immediately answer that you solder more or thicker needles into a bundle and get a larger liner configuration. This is true and has been done exactly this way in the past. With almost all tattoo needle manufacturers, you see needles with thicknesses from 0.25 mm to 0.4 mm soldered together into bundles of 3, 5, 7, 9, and many more needles in the supply. As said, this is not wrong, but leads to the fact that in large needle assortments there are configurations whose needle bundles have the same diameter. This makes sense, because you can use many thin individual needles to create a needle package that is just as thick as a needle package consisting of a few but thicker individual needles.

Technical details:
Quantity: 20 pcs/box
Needle cut: Super Long Taper

Cheyenne Safety Cartridges are MADE IN GERMANY