SkinLock™ Transparent Sealant Bandage. Good to use on Elbows and Knees where the Skin is flexing.

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SkinLock™, a medical-grade hydrogel tattoo sealant, instantly locks in your ink and protects the integrity of your fresh tattoo. With one spray, SkinLock™ replaces messy bandages, plastic wraps, and greasy creams. SkinLock forms a clear, flexible, AntiMicrobial barrier what absorbs excess fluid while protecting any fresh tattoo. Plus, its easily applied in seconds. Don't compromise your ink..."Lock It In" with SkinLock™.

Apply SkinLock immediately after tattoo is completed.

  1. Clean the tattoo area;
  2. Apply a THIN layer of SkinLock Tattoo Hydrogel to the tattoo area;
  3. Immediately mist the tattoo area (from 12” to 18" away) with SkinLock Tattoo Hydrogel Sealant. Do not overspray. Allow time to dry (30-60 seconds);
  4. Leave SkinLock in place for 3-4 hours. No additional dressing required. To remove, gently wash with warm water.