Silverback Ink - Stupid Black 4oz

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"Whichever black is the easiest for you to put into the skin will always heal the blackest" - Randy Scott Howell, Silverback Ink

To help you decide which black will match best with your style of tattooing, we put together a little summary below. This way you can compare the characteristics of the Silverback family of blacks (from thin to thick).

Stupid Black provides increased surface tension over InstaBlack and XXXBlack. The consistency is known for being dense, but not thick. Stupid Black is great when you need to slow things down for hand-tapping, whip-shading, solid fill or diluting for greyscale

Viscosity: Dense but not thick
Hand Speed: Normal

- All purpose black.
- Use for lining, shading or solid fill.
- Goes into the skin as easily as it wipes off.
- Processed in a sterile facility.
- Tested and certified for the EU.
- Packaged with a 100% tamper evident seal.
- Made in USA.
- By a tattooer for tattooers!!