Silverback Ink - InstaBlack 4oz

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"Whichever black is the easiest for you to put into the skin will always heal the blackest" - Randy Scott Howell, Silverback Ink

To help you decide which black will match best with your style of tattooing, we put together a little summary below. This way you can compare the characteristics of the Silverback family of blacks (from thin to thick).

InstaBlack is super-dense, thin and fast. Great for lining, shading or diluting to create a wash. It's similar to Stupid Black, but with less surface tension for increased tattooing speed when needed.

Viscosity: Thin                                   
Hand Speed: Normal/Medium Speed

- All purpose black.
- Use for lining, shading or solid fill.
- Goes into the skin as easily as it wipes off.
- Processed in a sterile facility.
- Tested and certified for the EU.
- Packaged with a 100% tamper evident seal.
- Made in USA.
- By a tattooer for tattooers!!