RelyAid House Cartridge Needles: *XT* = Extra Tight, *M* = Straight, *CM* = Curved, 20/box.

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RelyAid Cartridge Needles comes 20 TO A BOX
- Safety membrane inside system
- Allows better ink flow and visibility
- Made of 304 Surgical Stainless Steel and medical-grade plastic
- 100% EO Gas Sterilized

These Premium Bugpin #08 needles are made for us from a reputable company. We ordered these because Prime and Da Vinci did not offer them. These super small bugpin 08 were requested by so many of our Realism Artist. They have a strong membrane that is as stiff as Cheyenne Cartridges.

If you are using a weak off market rotary machine it will be hard up pushing the needles, you would want the Legacy Cartridges which are much like the T-Tech Cartridges, uses a single rubber band instead of a membrane.