LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine - "The Lightest Tattoo Machine"

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The LACEnano is a brushless rotary tattoo machine with magnetic drive, so it will feel like a coil machine but without the hassle and the weight. It has the easiest adjustable stroke and is FULLY AUTOCLAVABLE, including the MOTOR. It is also the lightest tattoo machine in the world weighing in at only 46g/1.6oz.

BRUSHLESS MOTOR - The LACEnano is the first tattoo machine in the world to use a brushless motor.

MAGNETIC DRIVE - The LACEnano uses a magnetic drive system.

POWER - The LACEnano has a 40w brushless motor.


MAINTENANCE - The LACEnano needs no maintenance. This includes not needing to lubricate it. This is because of the dry dental ball bearings in the motor.

POWER SUPPLY - The LACEnano needs to use a proprietary power supply. A brushed motor runs on normal DC current. But a brushless motor needs it's power delivered in pulses calculated by a complicated algorithm according to speed and load on the motor.