Cheyenne Power Unit III (Available November 2019)

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A revolutionary power unit 

The Cheyenne Power Unit III heralds in a new era: After Power Units I and II comes the highly innovative PU III. It features contactless gesture control, revolutionizing the world of tattooing! Control the device without even touching it: Simple swiping gestures are all it takes to switch between 23 different frequencies, ranging between 35 and 150 Hz. Hold your hand in front of the device to start or stop. This new feature makes your work as a tattoo artist easier and more hygienic than ever, ensuring absolutely precise tattooing.
Of course, the Cheyenne PU III can also be controlled using capacitive buttons. The frequency is adjusted to the exact position of your finger on the touch slider. To switch from 60 Hz to 100 Hz, you no longer need to press the plus button repeatedly. Instead, jump right to the desired frequency setting in real time.
The Cheyenne Power Unit III can be positioned in various locations and securely affixed onto smaller metal surfaces. The power adapter comes with a removable and adjustable metal plate and eight built-in magnets located in various parts of the housing, for even greater flexibility and freedom of movement.
Another new feature is the integrated sensor that recognizes the power adapter’s position and adjusts the display to the respective inclination. This guarantees optimal visibility of the display in every position. As a finishing touch, the PU III features two USB ports that can be used to charge up to two devices (mobile phones, tablets).